Prevent for Schools

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28th January 23

These materials are targeted at pupils in Key stage 4 and above

  • Raising awareness and discussing issues in a progressive and structured format.
  • To develop pupil’s ability to critically analyse different opinions and beliefs that may differ from their own.
  • To give pupils an opportunity to discuss controversial issues and explore their personal values and perceptions in a safe environment.
  • Develop pupils understanding of the democratic process, and methods they can use to influence Parliament and decision makers.
  • Raise awareness of modern day debates and legislation surrounding terrorism and extremism.
  • To give pupils a platform to feed back their views to key decision makers via online technologies.

These teaching materials employ a range of teaching and learning methods – multi-media presentations, online activities, written comprehension and interpretation, role play, and debating opportunities and these are incorporated to motivate and engage students, around this subject.

  • The activities encourage pupils to work in groups or pairs by creating collaborative groups.
  • The activities are designed to be challenging to the participants.
  • The method of technique employed is differentiation by outcome instead of task. Nevertheless teachers may feel it beneficial, depending on the ability of their pupils, to simplify some of the pupil resource sheets to meet the needs of the class.


“This project incorporates the key criteria needed to ensure the activities encompass Assessment For Learning. The resource specifically aims to provide high quality interaction through high order questioning and pupil reflection. The activities are designed to encourage pupils to take ownership of the learning process thus dissuading passive learning.
The process of effective feedback is central to improve continuityand this has been thoughtfully embedded within this teaching resource to enable progression to take place”

Michelle Cottam, Christ the King School, Preston