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28th January 23
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What is the Lancashire Equality Mark? 

The Lancashire Equality Mark is awarded to schools who have taken measures to embed Equality throughout their practice with the goal of enabling all pupils to thrive in a supportive learning community.  It has been developed by a working group in Lancashire and provides a clear framework to guide schools through the process of auditing, developing and consolidating good practice in different areas of Equality.  

The Equality Mark comprises five individual Equality Badges:

  • Race Equality Badge.
  • Gender Equality Badge.
  • Disability Equality Badge.
  • Sexual Orientation Equality Badge.
  • Religion and Belief Equality Badge.

When a school achieves all five badges they will be awarded the Equality Mark. Schools determine their own pathway through the framework by identifying meaningful priorities that will make a difference in the area of equality in their school community and will support their wider development plans. Schools can work at their own pace and they can choose from a range of packages of support to meet their individual requirements.

The process is designed to complement other areas of school development so that time and attention focussed on Equality will also advance other priorities. For example the whole school audit is directly linked to the key judgements in Ofsted inspections and can inform the creation and review of the SEF and the Accessibility Plan. Equality actions will complement duties to promote community cohesion under the Education and Inspections Act 2006. By addressing Equality issues schools can directly improve the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of their pupils and can go a long way to ensuring that all pupils can make progress and achieve their potential. 

How can a school achieve the Lancashire Equality Mark?

Schools can join the programme by completing the sign up form and emailing it to our office. This can be downloaded from the EMGRT Achievement Service website. If you would like to discuss anything before signing up please call or email Sue Armistead, the Business Support Officer, who will make arrangements for a member of the Equality Mark team to contact you and discuss the process in more detail. Once signed up the school will then carry out an audit of current practice, create an action plan to address the issues that have been highlighted as priorities and implement these actions. 

Contact: Sue Armistead, Business Support Officer, CYP, 3rd Floor JDO, East Cliff, Preston, PR1 3JT  Email:, Tel: 01772 531555