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28th January 23
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Lesson One

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon and not linked to one particular religious or ethnic group. This lesson places terrorism in a wider historical and global perspective and affords pupils the opportunity to examine the complexities of terrorism
Learning Outcomes
Pupils will develop their understanding of the concept of the word “Terrorism” and how terrorism linked to violence can affect society.
To explore the history of terrorism.

Lesson One Resources

  1. Pupil Resource 1a
  2. Powerpoint document
    'We're living it, so we might as well learn it.'
  3. Pupil Resource 1b
  4. Pupil Resource 1c
  5. Video 1

Activity 1a: 10 mins (starter)
Write on the board the word ‘terrorism’.
On pupil resource sheet 1a, ask pupils to write down their understanding of the word terrorism and three things they associate with this word.
Write pupils responses on the board and discuss.


Activity 1b: 40 mins
Show multi-media PowerPoint entitled “we’re living it so we might as well learn about it”.
Ask the class to discuss questions posed at the end of the presentation power point.


Activity 1c:
Give each group a copy of pupil resource 1c and ask pupils to complete the question:
“Write down three things that you have learned today that you did not already know before the lesson. If you could ask one question about the topic of terrorism or extremism what would it be?”



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