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28th January 23
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Lesson Two

Lesson 2 is designed to develop pupil’s ability to critically analyse the issues around how historically and globally governments have tackled terrorism. A key area of debate has been the use of anti-terror legislation and measures to pursue terrorists and protect society. Such actions have been criticised by some commentators as having a detrimental effect and infringement upon civil liberties and human rights.
Learning Outcomes
Pupils will be equipped with the knowledge to analyse whether governments have the right to impinge on a persons’ human rights, in order to protect the rest of their citizens.
To explore the consequences of terrorist acts.

Activity 2a: 10 mins
Hand out a copy of pupil resource 2a exercise sheet and articles from the European Convention On Human Rights (ECOHR), and ask pupils to rank in order 1-5 (1 being most important 5 being the least) what rights they consider to be important to them.

Discuss as a class which right featured as being most important to them.
Ask pupils to discuss if these rights were banned what articles may be breached under ECOHR


Activity 2b: 25 mins
Divide the pupils up into pairs, give each a copy of one the case studies and an activity sheet (pupil resource sheets 2b).

Ask pupils to examine their case study and identify what actions Government or police have conducted to tackle terrorism.

As a group feedback all three case studies and complete the first two columns of the activity sheet which asks pupils to chart government or police responses to terrorism.

Refer back to the ECOHR articles and ask pupils if the government or police have breached any of the human rights articles. You can ask pupils to use the final column of activity sheet 2b to chart this if you wish.
Ask the class to discuss questions posed at the end of the presentation power point.


Activity 2c: 20 mins
Hand out the three case studies of victims of terrorist attacks (pupil resource sheet 2c). Ask pupils to brainstorm and discuss the human costs of terrorism. Compile a spider diagram on the board from pupil’s feedback.

Pose the question “should the police or the government be allowed to restrict a citizen’s human rights in order to keep the public safe from harm? Take a class vote to address this question



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