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28th January 23
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Lesson Three

Learning Outcomes
Pupils will continue to develop the skills needed in order to make informed and challenging decisions. Taking into account public and police safety, pupils will gain an insight of policing counter terrorism incident from another perspective. In addition they will begin to understand the challenges of the media and community engagement in a very sensitive arena.
Activity 3
A two hour interactive session delivered by an external community facilitator and Prevent Police teams.

Teacher notes
This lesson is constructed around the ideology of placing the ownership of learning with the pupils, and continues to build on the strategy of independent learners. The main crux of this simulated workshop is to develop pupils understanding of the link between cause and effect. This is in relation to the consequences acts of terrorism have on community relations. Through the medium of experiential learning, pupils will be given the opportunity to see how they would react and deal with a terrorist incident. Pupils will develop the skills of group work and the importance of understanding and resolving views, which may differ from their own. In addition pupils will be given the opportunity to practically see how the media can play both an informative and potential decisive role when reporting sensitive news topics.


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