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28th January 23
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Lesson Four

Lesson Four essentially acts as the conclusive section of the project. Pupils debate and reflect on the issues in ACT NOW. They consider the wider implications terrorist attacks may have upon their communities and the wider parameteres of society. pupils are encouraged to consider the methodologies used by certain historical and present day role models to induce/generate change.

Lesson One Resources

  1. Pupil Resource 4b
  2. Pupil Resource 4c
    'Act now for change'
  3. Pupil Resource 4d


Activity 4b: 30 mins
Inform pupils they will be acting as a newspaper editor for an international tabloid. Their task is to come up with their own concept of how headlines would appear in a newspaper, concerning the explosion in ACT NOW. Ask pupils to feedback some of their headlines and discuss which headline would sell more newspapers and why. Pupils can use resource 4B to record their thoughts.


Activity 4c: 15 mins
Ask the class to think of people in history who have changed society using peaceful methods eg, Mahatma Gandhi Martin Luther King, Barack Obama. Show the video montage titled ACT NOW For Change.


Activity 4d: 10 mins
Note: Pupils could be asked to draw up personal action plan and their thought processes detailing the following areas and how they intend to influence change in their society in these areas in coming years. A personal action plan template is attached. This can be presented back to teachers at a later date if time is restricted. A general discussion can still be held in the time available.
• Global Citizenship
• Media
• Counter Terrorism Policing in UK
• Community safety
• Positive Political Role Models


Extention task
Pupils could choose one person featured in the clip and further investigate the methods they chose to bring about change. This can be presented via a power point or written assignment.



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