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28th November 22
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Support and follow up material

It is important for pupils to have a context for the play, background information, and curriculum time to consider and discuss the issues and questions raised by the play.


Specially written pre and post performance lesson plans and activities support the play:



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Background notes are provided on a range of circumstances in which violent extremism has been used in order to influence change, and young people are encouraged to discuss these prior to seeing the play.
The pre performance session therefore concentrate on;
  • What is violent extremism?
  • A range of recent historical examples for discussion
  • Necessary vocabulary for the discussion of issues
  • An attitudes survey


A range of materials and options are provided to enable teachers and other professionals to follow-up many issues raised by the play.
These include;

  • Free speech, tolerance and democracy
  • The reasons for differing attitudes and points of view
  • The vulnerability of young people to exploitation & manipulation
  • Commonalities between different groups and cultures
  • Issues of national and cultural identity
  • An attitudes survey
Case Study

Bury MBC in Greater Manchester used the play across 2008/09 and developed some new and key resources which we are now using to support performances throughout the UK. They have kindly given us permission to reproduce some of the key findings from their own evaluation of the work.

14 performances took place in 10 high schools to a total of 1850 Year 10 pupils. 65% of these completed a pre and post performance survey.

Key Findings:
  • Pupils found the play an excellent vehicle for raising important issues in an entertaining and absorbing way
  • There was a substantial increase of 36% of young people saying that they understood what is meant by political extremism in the pre and post survey
  • After participating in the project 27% more young people understood that young people may be drawn into extreme political activity
  • A small amount of education activity can greatly enhance young people’s resistance to extremism
  • The project enabled young people to look at the issues of intolerance, racism and divided loyalties which may not otherwise have been considered elsewhere in the curriculum

The Legacy

The play and supporting materials enabled teachers to talk about controversial and sometimes very sensitive issues with young people. These issues included identity, class, racism, religion, loyalty and mistrust. Many responses from teachers and young people indicated a wish for work around these issues to continue. It is hoped that this initial work in Bury has given teachers the courage and skills to embed this work in the curriculum. Many of the resources can be used without the play thus enabling teachers to revisit the sessions in the future.