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Staying safe on the internet



Staying Safe is a simple, engaging and comprehensive internet safety package for young people aged 14 years and above.

It addresses a broad range of internet safety issues in a series of five lessons with the aid of pre – scripted animations and video, and invites students to discover Internet Safety for themselves as they engage with a series of straightforward scenarios illustrating basic online risks.

In a world where young people can easily gain unmonitored, unfiltered internet access for themselves, Staying Safe aims to give them the tools and awareness they need to go anywhere and do anything on the internet free from harm.

Staying Safe addresses a number of top-priority agendas in schools, including Extremism and Terrorism, Safeguarding children and combating Cyber bullying. It sits at the fusion of ICT, Citizenship and PHSE, and fits into all three subjects equally well.

Staying Safe is a self-contained package and includes a DVD pack with a Cla ssroom Presentation and supporting Teacher’s Packs and Students’ Packs, in addition to an extensive directory of further internet safety materials.




The Internet has developed from being an academic tool to a consumer novelty to an integral part of life, socialisation and business. At first, it was mostly adults that used the internet. Now, young people are the ones using the internet in new ways to build identities, meet other people and share experiences. This means that those who train young people must teach Internet Safety as a primary Life Skill, not just as an optional curriculum enhancement.

Staying Safe is a ground-breaking initiative of Lancashire Constabulary, designed and delivered in partnership with Net Safety Training, Blue streak Arts and Chog Zoo Animation Studio.





Lesson One :
Online Money Scams
Lesson Two :
Internet Fraud
Lesson Three :
Online Exploitation
Lesson Four :
Internet Violence
Lesson Five :
Computer Misuse
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